Trekking Itineraries

Day treks based on your skill level to all the scenic sites around. Experience the wonders of trekking Patagonia’s Futaleufu River Valley.

SEASON: October – March
START: Futaleufu, Chile
INCLUDED: Transfer, guides, snack

  1. I

    RIO Chico Trekking

    Along the trails of the Futaleufu National Reservation, we’re bound to run into the “huemul” (southern Andean deer). Enjoy unique panoramic views as we follow the old routes of the original settlers, from the area of Rio Chico to Las Escalas. We’ll share a typical meal at the “Quincho El Aventurero”.

    DURATION: 4-5 hours
    PRICE: U$D 55

  1. II

    Lago Lonoconao Trekking

    Come Condor spotting with us! The incredible blue of this lake will take your breath away. We’ll follow the trail for great views of Laguna Escondida, Azul Valley, and the mountain Sierra Teta and njoy the area’s particular flora and fauna.

    DURATION: 5 hours
    PRICE: U$D 40

  1. III

    Trekking Sierra Teta

    The Sierra Teta mountain is situated just NW of the town of Futaleufu. We access the trail through cattle feeding lands. Portions of our trail are naturally marked by geographic accidents that take us through lenga beech forests and waterfalls. Appreciate the best view of the Espolon Lake, the Loncoao, and more, for a total of 8 different lakes, always watched over by the local fauna… watch out for the majestic flight of the Condor.

    DURATION: 10 hours
    PRICE: U$D 145



· Sun screen
· Good trekking shoes
· Long pants
· Wind jacket